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Purchase my License Sound Effects at audiojungle ->
Info: - Wave Files
        - 16-Bit Stereo
        - 44.1 kHz

For my license Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported sound effects.
See my previous journal ->
Im planning to make sound effects in my busy schedule, So these will be free
to download at my account

All my sounds are under license Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported

You are free to use the sound (even for commercial purposes) as long as you credit
"" where possible. Thank you for the effort.

Update sound added:
Clap sound
Small rounded objects falling
Pen spinning
Pen fast spinning sliding
Sitting in train
Incoming Train using brakes
Metal hit slide
Flipbook pages
Train door opening
Drawing tablet pen writing
Pouring Water in metalic cup
Walking on plastic grass planet
1 Super Fast Throwing Sound
Keys drop, grab, drop on table
Door click can't open
Future Spacesuit Breathing
Rubbing clothes fabric           
Monster chocolate crunching  
chocolate bar breaking          
Ruler vibrating
weechuuu high pitch sound

+ 26 new sound added
Video youtube link  Flipbook Cat animation

Trying something new and adding sound effect

Link has been updated, sorry for the delay
after tons of paperwork, somehow i managed to succeed Mediadesign education.

Now I decided to follow my dream what i always wanted to do.
I want to  focus more on design, music and animation etc.

I enjoyed cosplaying and taking pictures. Sadly enough going to cons will not be any soon, maybey in the future again.

I hope you guys will look forward to my projects. Be patient, because i still need to learn the basics in some aspects with specific software.


Jun :)
Cosplays are a masterpiece when finished, whether its a prop or clothing.
thats why i always worry when im going in a cosplay from home.

My question is:
Do you guys wear a large raincoat?
Or dress up at the con instead of home?

Any tips are welcome


Im saving up for a better camera. doing a lot of researching on camera's, wow im so suprised that even sony and panasonic has great camera's for normal consumers.

So yes im going to Tsunacon and im already preparing for cosplay. Im doing the original blackstar this time. Already bought a wig and its great.

Prepare to pose cool poses, because im gonna once again take a lot of pictures and this time with a camera that has a better focus.

i wish i had a better camera in the past, but as you all know im not a spoiled child. I must earn everything myself.

I geus this is my 3e camera if i save up for a new camera. So i do try to make good pictures and also on new hardware.

Lol im so busy with school and work :)


Its a simple drawing, but it takes about 220 pages.
youtube link…
youtube link for volatilizing…

This music is awesome! 【初音ミク】Volatilizing【オリジナル・フルオンサイケデリックトランス】

The artist is called LV.4
his myspace

there site is

There are several other artist  combined in one album
Called omnifarious

Youtube link for omnifarious…

their site…

So check it out you dont know what you miss :D
School project
animate with the puppet tool.

This is my doll. I made a picture from it and cut it  out with photoshop. After that i animated with the puppet tool in after effects.

here is the link if you are interested

oke thats weird, there is a smiley face in the link. Nevermind that just copy and paste the link.


gr jun
From animecon 2008 and abunai 2008 i took pictures from cosplayers and made a video slide show from it

This is 1 of the links

After some year ive decided to put those pictures i made from you cosplayers to upload it on deviantart.

If you want to mention your name or deviant etc under your picture i can mention it. But you need to proof it with a cosplay suit with you or something that is comparable.

You can contact me at



I have decided to go there. I didnet know tsunacon is on the 24 january already,  so I have to reuse my costume from greed.
Its a bit boring to use the exact same again, so im gonna update it and make adjustments.

Dont worry it will still be awesome and greepy looking.
See for more info at where the event is held
Im gonna order today so i hope they still sell the tickets?.

If you gonna cosplay then choose your best:).
I will make a video picture slideshow from it.



ive heard about this con before and this is there second year.
On sunday 24 januari 2010 they will be holding this event.

I am doubting to go or not?

My qeustion is,  has someone experience going there previous year?

Here are a couple of links i found if you are interested………
Almost all my sketches were drawed from a video from youtube. My assignment was to draw 3 different moving creatures, from there you must draw 15 fast sketches for each different creature.

You must draw it within 3 minutes, because my teacher said it must be a fast sketch. I was able to do it within 5 minutes for every creature.

Not bad, if i had more time then i had more beautifull drawings, but that was not the assignment.
I found a awesome music artist that makes great techno music.
If you like miku hatsune then you probaly like his taste of style.

Here is a example of youtube…

Here is there homepage